Quaternions, a practical introduction

You have reached the last post of this series about quaternions. If you missed the first ones and are interested in some history and motivation, consider reading 3D rotations, from Euler angles to Hilbert's quaternions and Discovering quaternions, an algebraic perspective.In the last post, we defined the quaternion algebra $latex \mathbb{H}$, and proved the Frobenius … Continue reading Quaternions, a practical introduction

Discovering quaternions, an algebraic perspective

Welcome to the second post of the series about quaternions! In the previous episode, we briefly discussed matrices and Euler angles, along with some related common issues. This post aims to introduce the algebra of quaternions. Some proofs will require some algebraic knowledge, but I hope the discussion will be reasonably clear even if you … Continue reading Discovering quaternions, an algebraic perspective

3D rotations, from Euler angles to Hilbert’s quaternions

Hello everyone!This post is about rotations in 3D space. Since I am often asked about quaternions, let me try and explain them in this Geometrying series! This post is going to be just small talk about Euler angles, how intuitive they are, but also why some libraries prefer adopting other solutions. If you are already … Continue reading 3D rotations, from Euler angles to Hilbert’s quaternions